Playing Along to Songs Without Drums


The first time you step up to the plate and try to play along to music without drums, you may find yourself feeling as if you are in over your head. After all, what is it you are supposed to play? How do you play along to a song that does not have an already established beat laid out before you? Relax. Take a breath. We will teach you how it’s done. In fact, you may find it is even pretty easy.

First off, take what you know and use it. What are you learning all of those different drumming techniques for if not to use them in practical application? So you know how to do a flam tap? Use it. Know how to do a roll? Do it. Use the things you know, but use them well. If something does not fit, do not panic; you are learning. If you can hear that something does not fit it means that you have already started to develop a musician’s ear, and are that much closer to bettering your skill set.

Focusing on songs without drums is crucial to playing along well. Without focusing on the riffs laid out for you, you will not be able to tell if what you are playing sounds good, or sounds like a train wreck. Listen to the music, stop thinking and just play! The more you sit and analyze, the more you let your brain go over the things you may do wrong, the less practice you get and the less you will learn.